Notes from the day after

by youwillhearmecall

Judit Bodor

“Once we begin to find our way around the place, that earliest picture can never be restored.” /Walter Benjamin/

Emma and Tom on Soldiers Field. 23 June 2012. Photograph: Judit Bodor

Another day of rain … Emma is happy, I wear two coats, Tom is juggling with cameras.
Starting with coffee … as always.

Not sure how to start … we talk … excited. This time about tender pieces of dirty roses in our hands on Tom’s photos … they grew on an industrial estate … Roseville … they didn’t smell as I remember … and now lie between sheets of paper waiting to become something else … the images from that day.

23 June 2012

Tom’s photographs (torn) from previous site visit. Photograph: Judit Bodor

Later in the car chatting about music … note to self: slow rock suits rain …
parking at Roundhay Park … ‘Maria’ in our minds.

Gold dust on a swastika…

Emma obliterating a swastika with gold dust. Photograph: Judit Bodor

Footsteps in the mud…

Tom’s footstep, heavy in the mud. Photograph Judit Bodor.

Looking for another image of the day.
Finishing with a cigarette … as always.

This is what we did on a freezing summer’s day.