The Unruly Page: Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland and Tom Rodgers in conversation

by youwillhearmecall







When I set out to interview Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland and Tom Rodgers earlier this month, my aims were twofold: firstly, to capture their thoughts (and processes of thought) on the eve of their new exhibition (The Unruly Page), and secondly, to record something of the dialogue between the collaborators.

Over the last year, I’ve found this dialogue to be unique, organic and vital to the development of the MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall project; it has enabled a practice wherein the roles of artists and curator are constantly shifting through intuitive, responsive and decisive acts. The sourcing and the shaping of The Unruly Page, for example, was a process in which all three collaborators were equally engaged (something I witnessed first-hand during the installation).

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The interview is, I think, faithful to Judit, Emma and Tom’s voices, and also to the relationship between their voices. The structure is provided by three questions:

‘The fictions of the page are not contained.’ What is it specifically about this project (or this phase of the project) that suggested ‘unbound’ or ‘unruly’ modes of presentation?

How do you think your roles within the project have changed over the last year?

What has surprised you most about the development of the project?

Apart from a few minor cuts, the interview is presented as it occurred at York College on the afternoon of Tuesday 5 March 2013.

Brian Lewis, Sheffield, 12 March 2013