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Leeds 9

Judit Bodor and Emma Bolland. Photo by Tom Rodgers.

Emma Bolland is an artist and writer based in Leeds. Her work has re-imagined site and landscape as metaphorical repository for personal and collective emotional experience. Narratives of physical, sexual and psychic danger are revealed and disguised via problematised romantic sensibilities. She is currently exploring possibilities and tactics for using drawing, research, and writing as performance, to inform the tangible outcomes such as drawing, installation and object.

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Judit Bodor is an independent curator and PhD researcher at University of Aberystwyth and National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Since 2002 she worked internationally on projects in archival, educational, gallery, artist-led and social contexts and curated colloquia, symposia, exhibitions, online projects, performances and residencies. She published about contemporary art archives, performance art history and its relationship to documentation and the role of university galleries in teaching and learning. She is interested in alternative models of art education, collaboration and collectivity, ephemeral and marginal art practices and how these practices enter (or not) into the mainstream histories of art.

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Tom Rodgers is a photographer based in York currently doing his MA in Photography at Edinburgh College of Arts and teaching at York College. He is interested in the use of images and aesthetics to affect perception and accepted notions of beauty. Through the observation of detail and atmosphere, his photographic work deals with the emotional resonance that particular spaces have and the possibility of depicting the psychological content of such spaces to encourage personal and audience based interpretation.

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