Every Place A Palimpsest (Part Two)

by youwillhearmecall


‘Nothing defines the specific rootedness of a location – the transformation of a place into a site – more than its being founded on a grave’. Francesco Pellizzi

‘The eye reads forward as the memory reads back.’ WS Graham

‘Every Place A Palimpsest (Part Two), was written, & performed by Emma Bolland as part of the Occursus Post-Traumatic Landscapes Symposium. The paper focuses on the unheimlich of the non-space in the erasure of traumatic trace, and examines site in relation to both her personal history and the collaborative process of MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall.  The paper ends with an extended reading from the novel 1980 by David Peace. The performance was contextualised by an installation of work by MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall. Thank you to Brian Lewis for technical support with performing,  recording, and sound editing.

In Memory of Wilma McCann

1947 – 1975